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About us

Ligoga Quarries is a proudly Swazi owned company that produces a range of stone aggregates for the construction industry and associated industries. We pride ourselves in being the only quarry in Swaziland that offers project crushing and contract crushing, delivering quality stone aggregates on time and on scale to projects..

Customer Service

All operations of Ligoga Quarries are always run in an ethical and client driven manner.

Environmentally Sensitive

In accordance with laid out environment standards Ligoga Quarries upholds recommended operational guidelines which include mitigatory environmental processes in all general operations and waste disposal

Products & Services

We produce road layer work materials and other stone products which include :

  • G7, G5, and G1 stones which are used to provide the supporting, interlocking structure in road design.
  • 6.7mm stones are used in all on site and ready mixed concrete applications (products including storm water pipes, kerbs stones, calvets building blocks)
  • 19mm ready mixed concrete structures mixed on site to erect structures (columns, beams, as well as construct bridges)